Starve the Landfills

Am I Blue is coming along nicely- I’ve knit up to the armholes and will think how I want to go from here. I have a good idea about it, but was sidetracked.

As frequently happens, my attention was drawn to a new idea due to necessity. Today is Cleaning Day in our house. We’ve tossed the old kitchen scrubbie into our recycle bin, and I’m left without one currently.  What I do have is a shamefully large collection of plastic shopping bags.   I thought to myself- hmm…the old kitchen scrubbie was made of Plastic.  I liked it because I could scrub away and not scratch the pots or kitchen sink.  Here I have a whole collection of soft, pliable Plastic.  I grabbed a bag, scrunched it up, dumped some Comet into my sink, and started scrubbing away.  It worked! The stain that my soft cotton cloth couldn’t take off was suddenly gone. Hurrah! Surely there had to be a pattern for a nice plastic kitchen scrubbie?

I did a quick Google Search for “knit a kitchen scrubbie” and didn’t come up with much.  Most of the patterns knit or crochetted tulle or the netting from onions into cotton- which is a great idea! However, I like to machine dry my cotton dishclothes (along with all my towels), and I am not putting plastic into my dryer!

Instead, I cut a plastic bag into strips and started knitting- viola! Fabulous scrubbie!!!

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