Still Knitting, Not Blogging It

Seriously! I really have been knitting. Here, look:

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

This is a rather large baby blanket for my BF’s little sister’s new bairn. I made a hat to go along with it out of the remaining yarn:

Baby Hat

Baby Hat


I got the hat off Ravelry and this link:

There’s more! Here is a cute baby sweater  (another pattern found on Ravelry from that’s still in progress:

Easy Yoke Baby Sweater

Easy Yoke Baby Sweater


I have nearly completed my Spring into Summer socks. I’ll post pics once they are complete. I’ve spent at least 5 x the time it took to knit this suckers just trying to unravel the yarn in the 2nd skein. Misery. So now the Summer Socks will be my DownFall socks, apparantley. Well, the receipient of these socks has a birthday coming up, so it they’ll be just in time for something.

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