More Winter Knitting

My 4 year old is at this fabulous age where he really loves to wear things that I’ve made him.. He asked me if I would make him yellow mittens and a yellow hat. It is freezing where we live, so I made him a double-knit hat, 1st layer is all black, 2nd layer is black with yellow circles.

I am totally in love with the Turkish cast on, which I used here as a type of provisional cast on:  I was able to pick up the bottom and knit the patterned part once the all-black was complete.


Hats! Scarfs! Sweaters! Oh MY!

Curled Snake Scarf Green Hat StandingHats! Scarfs! Sweaters! Oh MY!

Let’s Get Some Knitting Here!

Wow…it’s been a long, long time. I’m gonna try to start this up again.

Since my last post, my DH and I got lucky and added a beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family. If I manage to keep this thing going, you’ll see lots of knitting for him. Well, most of my knitting is for him, but really I’ve only started to pick up my sticks again in the last year. The first two years of being a mom kept me too busy to knit much. 

So, let’s get this thing going…..

Starve the Landfills

Am I Blue is coming along nicely- I’ve knit up to the armholes and will think how I want to go from here. I have a good idea about it, but was sidetracked.

As frequently happens, my attention was drawn to a new idea due to necessity. Today is Cleaning Day in our house. We’ve tossed the old kitchen scrubbie into our recycle bin, and I’m left without one currently.  What I do have is a shamefully large collection of plastic shopping bags.   I thought to myself- hmm…the old kitchen scrubbie was made of Plastic.  I liked it because I could scrub away and not scratch the pots or kitchen sink.  Here I have a whole collection of soft, pliable Plastic.  I grabbed a bag, scrunched it up, dumped some Comet into my sink, and started scrubbing away.  It worked! The stain that my soft cotton cloth couldn’t take off was suddenly gone. Hurrah! Surely there had to be a pattern for a nice plastic kitchen scrubbie?

I did a quick Google Search for “knit a kitchen scrubbie” and didn’t come up with much.  Most of the patterns knit or crochetted tulle or the netting from onions into cotton- which is a great idea! However, I like to machine dry my cotton dishclothes (along with all my towels), and I am not putting plastic into my dryer!

Instead, I cut a plastic bag into strips and started knitting- viola! Fabulous scrubbie!!!

Am I Blue?

I’ve had this yarn for years. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to make a cute summer top with it.  Time to get knitting!

Yarn: Adriafil Navy

Needles: size 7 metal Addis

Gauge after machine wash & flat dry: 3.5 stitches/inch.

Width: 40″ around

Length to arm holes: 16″

Cast on: (40 * 3.5=) 140 stitches

Seed stitch boarder for 1 inch

Purl 1, knit 69 stitches, purl 1, knit 69 stitches.  (Purls will create a seam.)

Knit in pattern for 16 inches.

I will separate the front and back at the armholes. I want to get started now; if I like how this is working, I’ll write out the rest of the pattern. 🙂

Time to get started!

New Project!

OK, time to resurrect this blog!

I am starting a new project. My plan is to use this as my knitting notebook. I always have my laptop for my work travels- this way I don’t have to try to carry a kitting notebook (I always lose them!!)

So, next post: Am I Blue?

Still Knitting, Not Blogging It

Seriously! I really have been knitting. Here, look:

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

This is a rather large baby blanket for my BF’s little sister’s new bairn. I made a hat to go along with it out of the remaining yarn:

Baby Hat

Baby Hat


I got the hat off Ravelry and this link:

There’s more! Here is a cute baby sweater  (another pattern found on Ravelry from that’s still in progress:

Easy Yoke Baby Sweater

Easy Yoke Baby Sweater


I have nearly completed my Spring into Summer socks. I’ll post pics once they are complete. I’ve spent at least 5 x the time it took to knit this suckers just trying to unravel the yarn in the 2nd skein. Misery. So now the Summer Socks will be my DownFall socks, apparantley. Well, the receipient of these socks has a birthday coming up, so it they’ll be just in time for something.

Spring Into Summer Socks

The cuff and leg on my new cotton sock yarns knit up right quick.  I picked this yarn because the colors looked like Amelia, and these are also for her. I’m calling them the Spring into Summer socks because the color gradients go from spring Green to pink/orange summer fruits and sunset colors. And, you know, they are cotton and will be good for Spring/Summer.

I got through the heel flap and turned the heel, but I don’t like it and will rip it and re-do. The heel is too narrow. I like how the white

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

Hi, welcome to my knitting blog. I’d start at the beginning, but my knitting story starts w-a-y back in 1998. I can barely remember this morning, let alone what happened a decade ago!

So we’ll start with today. I started off as I usually do, with a few random balls of yarn. I have no idea how many yards I have,  but that never seems to stop me from starting a new project.  Four hours in transit from PHL to CHT to GNV (that’s Philly, PA, my home base, to Charlotte NC, to Gainesville), and here is what I’ve done so far.

I am not sure that I’ll have enough yarn. My poor brain is having a time trying to decide how to handle the possible shortage.

So I got to my hotel, googled Yarn Shop Gainesville, FL and found Hanks Yarn & Fiber ! What a lovely yarn shop! The woman was kind enough to weigh my yarn. I have about 40 oz in the balls and my sock so far is about 11 oz. She said it generally takes about 100 ozs for a sock. 

I got this yarn ages ago, in 2002 or 2003, at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  I know it’s cotton sock yarn, but I have no idea who produced it. I was hoping to find a similar yarn in the yarn shop in a different color, but no dice.  When I bought it, I was going to knit socks for soliders going to Afghanistan and/or Iraq via The Ship Project, so I also have a ball of lovely blue yarn (red, white, blue). At the time, I hadn’t knit socks before and I ended up knitting hats and slippers for the troops, and the yarn sat comfortably in my rapidly expanding stash.

When my dear friend Amelia asked me to knit her a pair of socks (she can’t knit at this time due to problems with her hands) I knew immediately that I wanted to knit her something with hearts.  She’s an artist and loves bright colors, so I knew she’d like the red/white combo. I was hoping to find a ball of orange or yellow cotton yarn to use for the heel and toe. I’m not sure that blue is really very Amelia. (Well, it is, but  usually with greens and yellows).

So, for now, the sock is going to go on hold. I will probably add use the blue for the heel and toe, and look to see how much white is at home. The socks will become anklets, and I am going to hope for the best.

In the meantime, I am stuck without a project.  I’m on a one-day trip, so I didn’t bring another project, or even other needles. This is bad head place for a knitter- I’m looking at another L-O-N-G trip back, hours and hours of air time! With no knitting? Are you kidding me?

 Problem Solved!

Ah! Problem solved! A nice cotton sock in spring colors! Just in case my attempt at the above sock ends in disaster. And- two balls of stash yarn used, two more added- it’s a wash, right?